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16 – 22 April 2018Advancements in Life Sciences' Seven Days in Life (16 - 22 April 2018)


What’s your risk of kidney disease, heart attack, or diabetes? A single molecule can tell
Blood-borne protein implicated as a cause of kidney disease and a marker for many others. Find source



imageNew breakthrough may allow scientists to orchestrate tissue regeneration in humans
A UNLV scientist and her team have found that frog embryos can fully regrow their eyes after injuries, a breakthrough that may lead one day to the ability to orchestrate tissue regeneration in humans. Find source

180418141501_1_540x360Fighting obesity by shutting off hunger signals
An international team has uncovered the potential to beat obesity at the cellular level, characterizing for the first time a complex, little-understood receptor type that, when activated, shuts off hunger. Find source

image (1)New CRISPR tool allows DNA editing outside of the cell
Researchers have developed a cell free method of gene editing, which uses a new version of the CRISPR tool that can edit DNA outside of the cell. This technique could revolutionize cancer care. Find source


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