Seven Days in Life

11 April – 17 April 2016Seven Days in Life (11 - 17 Apr 2016)


drugsRight to use untested drugs
Brazilian law has granted patients right to use untested cancer ‘drug’. This will let people with cancer access to an unapproved ‘miracle drug’ that has never been tested in clinical trials.
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mashGenetically edited mushroom reaches market
Genetically engineered common white button mushroom which is resistant to browning has reached the market without FDA regulation regarding GM food.
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liverHep C cured in 6 weeks
A pilot study found that combination of two drugs eliminated HCV viral loads (after a 12 week follow-up) from all patients with acute HCV who were treated over a short-duration of six weeks. 
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hqdefaultWho direct our thoughts? Us? NO
A study in this week suggested that human consciousness is less in control than previously believed. It has found that even complex concepts can enter your consciousness automatically, even when someone tells you to avoid thinking about it. 
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mitochondMutations in mitochondria – Another setback for stem cell therapies
Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) are getting nearer to the clinic, but there is another ditch. It is likely that iPS cells derived from older patients will have genetic mutations in mitochondrial DNA that could affect the cause.
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