Seven Days in Life

25 – 31 December 2017Advancements in Life Sciences' Seven Days in Life (25 - 31 Dec 2017)


3Dprinting_16x9Shapeshifting tissue folds into coils & ripples
Tissues harnessed with programming to create shapes out of living tissues by folding up into variety of programmed tissues. Find source


171228100910_1_540x360Energy conversion of fats by microneedle patch
New approach to reduce bulging tummy fats via a micro-needle patch,with drugs that turn energy-storing white fat into energy-burning brown fat.  Find source


natures-10-fallback-image-newTop ten people who mattered this year
From a gene corrector to an error detector, Nature profiles people who had an impact in science in 2017. Find source



171229135307_1_540x360Genes in Space-3 identifies unknown microbes
First-ever sample-to-sequence process entirely aboard the space station.NASA astronaut performed Genes in Space-3 using the miniPCR & MinION. Find source


171226134723_1_540x360Solution to Type 2 diabetes- Pain free skin patch
Biochemically formulated patch of dissolvable microneedles devised that interacts in bloodstream to regulate blood sugar. Find source

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