Seven Days in Life

01 – 07 January 2018Advancements in Life Sciences' Seven Days in Life (01 - 07 Jan 2018)


elsGermany vs Elsevier: universities win
Scientists in Germany can still read journals even though institutions there have not renewed their subscriptions. Find source



neuDeep learning sharpens views of cells and genes
Google’s computers glean clues from the arrangement of blood vessels to predict whether someone is at risk of an impending heart . Find source


soyaLightening Up Soybean Leaves May Boost Food Supply
A new study has shown that lightening the color of soybean leaves may increase the growth and yield of this major world food crop. Find source


nightFemale night shift workers have increased risk of cancers
Night shift work was associated with women having an increased risk of breast, skin, and gastrointestinal cancer, according to a meta-analysis. Find source


antSupercharged antibiotics could turn tide against superbugs
An old drug supercharged by researchers has emerged as a new antibiotic that could destroy some of the world's most dangerous superbugs. ​ Find source

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