Seven Days in Life

26 February – 04 March 2018Advancements in Life Sciences' Seven Days in Life (26 Feb- 04 March 2018)


canadaIs Canada going to be next leader of science after America's funding cut?
The latest budget is the single largest investment in investigator-led fundamental research in Canadian history for research that would be “international, interdisciplinary, fast-breaking and higher-risk”. Find source



banEU expected to vote on pesticide ban after major scientific review
Survey of more than 1,500 studies concludes that neonicotinoids harm bees. Find source




crisprNext generation CRISPR has arrived: More muscular, precise
The new work modifies the Cas9 enzyme, creating at least four times as many potential docking sites. In theory, this could allow researchers to, say, cripple or replace many parts of genes associated with human disease that CRISPR currently cannot touch. Find source


tree graphColossal family tree reveals environment’s influence on lifespan
Genetics explains only a small part of differences in how long a person lives, finds analysis that links 13 million people. Find source


holding handsHolding hands can sync brainwaves, ease pain, study shows
A new study by a pain researcher shows that when a romantic partner holds hands with a partner in pain, their brain waves sync and her pain subsides. Find source

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