Seven Days in Life

07 – 13 May 2018


baldPotential new cure found for baldness
A potential new cure for baldness has been discovered using a drug originally intended to treat osteoporosis. Find source



RetractJournal retracts paper claiming neurological damage from HPV vaccine
Scientific Reports this morning retracted a controversial paper claiming to show that mice given a human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine showed signs of neurological damage. Find source



brainScientists uncover brain circuits responsible for bravery
In a study of mice, researchers describe a new circuit involved in fine-tuning the brain's decision either to hide or confront threats. Find source

polutionProlonged exposure to air pollution leads to genetic changes
Prolonged exposure to particulate matter in air pollution in the Los Angeles Basin triggered inflammation and the appearance of cancer-related genes in the brains of rats, a new study has found. Find source

eye crisprGenome surgery for eye disease moves closer to reality
Researchers have developed a new technique for the powerful gene editing tool CRISPR to restore retinal function in mice afflicted by a degenerative retinal disease, retinitis pigmentosa. Find source


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