Seven Days in Life


25 June – 01 July 2018


visaTop US court upholds Trump travel ban: student visas already in decline
In 5–4 ruling, Supreme Court allows government to bar visitors and immigrants from seven nations. Find source



nigeriaIn Nigeria, a battle against academic plagiarism heats up
Nigeria's antiplagiarism campaigners hope their efforts will not only prevent problems, but also improve perceptions of Nigerian science. Find source


US congressU.S. lawmakers want NIH and CDC foundations to say more about donors
A key congressional spending panel has fired a shot across the bow of two federally chartered medical foundations, warning that the way they disclose information about donors may not pass muster. Find source



agingOnce you hit this age, aging appears to stop
Rosa Rein of Switzerland, who lived to the age of 112, might have stopped aging in her final years, a new study suggests. Find source


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