Seven Days in Life

16 – 22 July 2018


tyo‘Frightening’ typhoid fever outbreak spreads in Pakistan
A strain of the bacterium that causes typhoid fever has become resistant to most every drug and is spreading through Pakistan, causing at least 2000 confirmed cases. Find source



elsDutch publishing giant cuts off researchers in Germany and Sweden
Elsevier last week stopped thousands of scientists in Germany from reading its recent journal articles, as a row escalates over the cost of a nationwide open-access agreement. Find source



mfMobile phone radiation may affect memory performance in adolescents, study finds
Radiofrequency electromagnetic fields may have adverse effects on the development of memory performance of specific brain regions exposed during mobile phone use, suggests a recent study. Find source

spine mouseParalyzed mice with spinal cord injury made to walk again
Small-molecule drug reactivates dormant nerve pathways; could complement regenerative strategies, researchers say. Find source

mouseScientists reverse aging-associated skin wrinkles and hair loss
A gene mutation causes wrinkled skin and hair loss; turning off that mutation restores the mouse to normal appearance. Find source


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