Seven Days in Life

08 – 14 October 2018


miceSame-sex mice have babies
Baby mice have been made with two mums and no dad, say researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Find source

riceWorld's largest rice gene bank secures permanent funding
The International Rice Research Institute is home to 136,000 varieties and aims to develop crops resistant to climate change. Find source



plantFrench plant biologist cleared of misconduct in new inquiry
National research council absolves one previously sanctioned lab leader of misconduct, and holds another researcher responsible.  Find source



stem cellEngineers develop process to 3-D print cells to produce ligaments and tendons
Scientists have developed a method to 3-D print cells to produce human tissue such as ligaments and tendons to greatly improve a patient's recovery.  Find source

colorfulGenes responsible for difference in flower color of snapdragons identified
Scientists have investigated the causes of colorful pattern and identified the genes responsible for flower color difference from DNA sequence data. Find source

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