Seven Days in Life

10 – 16 December 2018


2018The best science images of the year: 2018 in pictures
The year brought advances in cloning and imaging — and a bleak reminder of the fragility of some of Earth’s rarest species. Find source

chinaChina introduces ‘social’ punishments for scientific misconduct
Offending researchers could face restrictions on jobs, loans and business opportunities under a system tied to the controversial social credit policy. Find source



plantsHow plants can generate electricity to power LED light bulbs
Researchers have discovered that living plants are literally 'green' power source: they can generate, by a single leaf, more than 150 Volts, enough to simultaneously power 100 LED light bulbs. Find source

fungalPlants as antifungal factories
Researchers have developed a biotechnological tool to produce, in a very efficient manner, antifungal proteins in the leaves of the plant Nicotiana benthamiana.  Find source

painOrigins of Pain
Research in mice identifies a set of neurons responsible for sustained pain and resulting pain-coping behaviors. Find source

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