Seven Days in Life

24 – 30 December 2018


repUnravelling mystery of how, when DNA replicates
A team of Florida State University researchers has unlocked a decades-old mystery about how a critical cellular process is regulated and what that could mean for the future study of genetics. Find source

hcvScientists synthesize molecule capable of eliminating hepatitis C virus
The compound called GA-Hecate also acts on bacteria, fungi and cancer cells and will be tested against Zika and yellow fever viruses. Find source

tiltA tilt of the head facilitates social engagement
Every time we look at a face, we take in a flood of information effortlessly: age, gender, race, expression, the direction of our subject's gaze, perhaps even their mood. How the brain does this is a mystery. Find source

interactionContact with monkeys and apes puts populations at risk
Researchers have carried out an extensive social sciences evaluation of how populations in Cameroon interact with nonhuman primates, pointing toward behaviors that could put people at risk of infection with new diseases. Find source


focusHow the brain enables us to rapidly focus attention
Researchers have discovered a key mechanism in the brain that may underlie our ability to rapidly focus attention. Find source


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