Seven Days in Life

22 – 28 April 2019


comaUAE woman Munira Abdulla wakes up after 27 years in a coma
A woman from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) who was seriously injured in a traffic accident in 1991 has made a seemingly miraculous recovery after emerging from a 27-year-long coma. Find source

malFirst proven malaria vaccine rolled out in Africa — but doubts linger
The RTS,S vaccine is up to 40% effective at preventing malaria in young children. Find source



brainSynthetic speech generated from brain recordings
Interface created by neuroscientists can generate natural-sounding synthetic speech by using brain activity to control a virtual vocal tract. Find source

tongueSmelling with your tongue
Scientists report that functional olfactory receptors, the sensors that detect odors in the nose, are also present in human taste cells found on the tongue. Find source


spousePeople with happy spouses may live longer
Research suggests that having a happy spouse leads to a longer marriage, and now study results show that it's associated with a longer life, too. Find source

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