Seven Days in Life

29 April – 05 May 2019


chinaScientists in Pakistan and Sri Lanka bet their futures on China
Researchers are turning to China for support and collaboration as their countries take centre stage in the Belt and Road Initiative. Find source

forensicEXCLUSIVE: UK to open first ‘body farm’ for forensic research
Sites that allow the study of human remains have long existed in the United States and have started to appear recently in other countries. Find source



Biological Pest ControlMathematician's breakthrough on non-toxic pest control
Breakthrough 'gene silencing' technique uses naturally occurring soil bacteria to kill specific crop-destroying pests without harming other insects or the environment. Find source

stem ceEmbryo stem cells created from skin cells
Researchers have found a way to transform skin cells into the three major stem cell types that comprise early-stage embryos.  Find source


tangledOrgan bioprinting gets a breath of fresh air
Bioengineers have developed technique for bioprinting tissues with entangled vascular networks that mimic the body's natural passageways for vital fluids. Find source

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