Seven Days in Life

06 – 12 May 2019


indiaIntolerance and funding concern Indian scientists ahead of election
Researchers are troubled by a flat budget, and a rise in extremism and pseudoscience. Find source



methaneMethane-consuming bacteria could be the future of fuel
Researchers have found that the enzyme responsible for the methane-methanol conversion in methanotrophic bacteria catalyzes the reaction. Find source

brain chiStep towards light-based, brain-like computing chip
Scientists have succeeded in developing a piece of hardware which could pave the way for creating computers resembling the human brain. Find source


ImageJ=1.52i unit=inchScientists locate brain area where value decisions are made
Neurobiologists have pinpointed the brain area responsible for value decisions that are made based on past experiences. Find source

A Deathstalker scorpion sits in a jar illuminated by ultraviolet lightNew brain tumor imaging technique uses protein found in scorpion venom
A novel imaging technique that uses a synthesized form of scorpion venom to light up brain tumors has shown promise in a clinical trial. Find source

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