Seven Days in Life

14 – 20 December 2015This week


insectGM insects can be released in Britain
After the approval of GM animals in USA now GM insects are set to be released in Britain. 
It could help thousands of Britain’s crop and fruit farmers who struggle to stop insects destroying their harvests. Find source


164324-169012Consciousness is controllable now
Scientists are able to alter brain activity of rats and either wake them up or put them in an unconscious state.
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natural-immunityInnate immunity against viruses can be triggered 
A drug like molecule has been discovered which can activate innate immunity and induce genes to control infection in a range of RNA viruses. 
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promodel-on-boneBroken bones are no more an issue
New generation of synthetic bone grafts created that boosts the body's own ability to regenerate bone tissue.
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Mother and daughterGenes associated with healthy life longevity discovered
Scientists have unravel the basis for longevity by finding genetic loci associated with extreme longevity in centenarians.
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