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04 – 10 February 2019


IMG_5770 - CopyWeb of Science is coming to Pakistan
Web of Science shall interect with more than 100 Pakistani universities and journals at a conference to focus on transforming the research ecosystem in the country.  Find source


indiaIndian government to boost stipend for early-career scientists
The Indian government announced last week that it will increase the stipend for PhD students who have qualified for a research fellowship by up to 25%. Find source



gutLinks between gut microbes and depression strengthened
The once-wild idea that intestinal bacteria influence mental health has transformed into a major research pursuit. Find source

beesBees can do basic math
Researchers have found bees can do basic mathematics, in a discovery that expands our understanding of brain size and brain power. Find source

wheatHarvesting wild genes gives crops renewed resistance to disease
Researchers have pioneered a new method to rapidly recruit disease-resistance genes from wild plants for transfer into domestic crops. Find source

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Volume 6, Issue 1 (25 November 2018)


Molecular typing of Methicillin Resistance Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) isolated from device related infections by SCCmec and PCR-RFLP of coagulase gene

Muhamad Sohail, Zakia Latif

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Awareness of Asthma Genetics in Pakistan: A Review with Some Recommendations

Muhammad Farooq Sabar, Muhammad Akram, Farheena Iqbal Awan, Muhammad Usman Ghani, Mariam Shahid, Zafar Iqbal, Samra Kousar, Muhammad Idrees

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Impact of IL28B gene variants (rs12979860) in peg-IFN therapy against Chronic Hepatitis B Pakistani patients

Irfan Kalam, Sajjad Ullah, Qaisar Ali, Arshad Jamal, Ahmad Bilal Waqar

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Saving human lives after natural disaster

Shahnawaz Hassan

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Production and Growth Performance of Malayan Gaur x Cattle Hybrid (Selembu) in Malaysia

Mohd Iswadi Ismail, Fazly Ann Zainalabidin, Abdul Samad Akil, Mohd Hafiz Mail, Zawawi Ismail, Abdul Wahid Haron, Abas Mazni Othman

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Molecular Biology

An In-Silico Approach for the Prediction of miRNAs in Merkel Cell Polyoma Virus and its Target Genes

Gohar Rahman, Bilal Ahmad Mian, Najib Ullah, Huzaifa Khan, Shaker Khan

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