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06 - 12 August 2018


malnutrHow bacteria can save children's lives
A ground-breaking new project in Bangladesh could help reduce the life-long health problems that come from childhood malnourishment – by focusing on the gut. Find source

silencingGene-silencing technology gets first drug approval after 20-year wait
The US Food and Drug Administration's decision breathes new life into RNA-interference therapies. Find source



monsantoMonsanto ordered to pay $289m damages in Roundup cancer trial
Chemical giant Monsanto has been ordered to pay $289m (£226m) damages to a man who claimed herbicides containing glyphosate had caused his cancer. Find source



plant hormonsHijacking hormones for plant growth
Hormones designed in the lab through a technique combining chemistry, biology, and engineering might be used to manipulate plant growth in numerous ways, according to a new study. Find source

lighhtStudy illuminates genes behind beautiful 'glow' of Bermuda fireworms
A new study looks at the genes behind an incredible, luminous seasonal mating display produced by swarms of bioluminescent marine Bermuda fireworms. Find source


emailsMere expectation of checking work email after hours harms health of workers and families
Research shows that 'flexible work boundaries' often turn into 'work without boundaries'. Find source


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Volume 5, Issue 3 (25 May 2018)


Microscopic detection of chloroplast transgenic plastids using fluorescent probe

Shahid Nazir, Muhammad Sarwar Khan

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A Bibliometric Analysis of Research on Zika Virus Indexed in Web of Science

Saima Nasir, Jamila Ahmed

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Assessments of kidney function and morphology of tramadol-diclofenac treated albino rats

Elias Adikwu, Ebinyo C. Nelson

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Antioxidant Potential of Lactarius deliciosus and Pleurotus ostreatusfrom Amanos Mountains

Adnan Bozdogan, Zeynep Ulukanl, Fuat Bozok, Tülin Eker, Hasan Hüseyin Do─čan, Saadet Büyükalaca

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Veterinary Sciences

Sequence Diversity of MAOA Gene within Wild and Docile Animal Species

Rashid Saif, Beenish Tariq, Naila Naz

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Biological Activity and Characterization of Bioactive Compounds under Lead Induced Stress in Maize

Javed Iqbal Wattoo, Saba Munawar, Muhammad Afzal, Amjad Farooq, Mushatq A. Saleem

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Molecular Biology

Effect of Propofol on ERK1/2 expression during day times in the rat hippocampus

Muhammad Rafiq, Sajed Ali

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Annotation and curation of hypothetical proteins: prioritizing targets for experimental study

Muhammad Naveed, Zoma Chaudhry, Zeeshan Ali, Mahnoor Amjad, Fizza Zulfiqar, Ali Numan

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