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Volume 4, Issue 1 (25 November 2016)


Functional characterization of fifteen hundred transcripts from Ziarat juniper (Juniperus excelsa M.Bieb)

Humaira Abdul Wahid, Muhammad Younas Khan Barozai, Muhammad Din

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Toxicity, analgesic and sedative potential of crude extract of soil-borne phytopathogenic fungi Aspergillus flavus

Bashir Ahmad, Muhammad Rizwan, Sadiq Azam, Abdur Rauf, Shumaila Bashir

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Role of MicroRNA in Endometrial Carcinoma


Zeeshan Javed, Mukhtar Ullah, Hafiz Ahsan Ashfaq, Afzaal Hussain Shah, Muhammad Shahzad, Muhammad Bilal, Aleena Sumrin, Hamid Bashir, Muhammad Hassan Siddiqi, Haleema Sadia

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Molecular Biology

Re-engineering of RuBisCO for the purpose of producing algal biofuels may be a lost cause

Svetoslav Dimitrov Alexandrov

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DNA Barcoding: Amplification and sequence analysis of rbcl and matK genome regions in three divergent plant species

Javed Iqbal Wattoo, Muhammad Zafar Saleem, Muhammad Saqib Shahzad, Amina Arif, Amir Hameed, Mushtaq Ahmad Saleem

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Seven Days in Life

05 - 12 February 2017Advancements in Life Sciences' Seven Days in Life (06 - 12 February 2017)


chan'Riskiest ideas' win $50 million from Chan Zuckerberg Biohub
The biomedical research initiative created by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has awarded its first grants to scientists, on topics ranging from the genomics of obscure microbes to a memory-retrieval device. 
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imrsMore than 350 organizations write Trump to endorse current vaccines’ safety
More than 350 organizations, including leading U.S. medical, advocacy and professional organizations, have sent a letter to President Trump expressing their “unequivocal support for the safety of vaccines.”  
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spaceSpaceX is about to send a lethal superbug into orbit
SpaceX is preparing to launch a lethal, antibiotic-resistant superbug into orbit on February 14, to live its days in the microgravity environment of the International Space Station (ISS).  
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carniHow plants evolved into carnivores
Any insect unlucky enough to land on the mouth-like leaves of an Australian pitcher plant will meet a grisly end. The plant's prey is drawn into a vessel-like ‘pitcher’ organ where a specialized cocktail of enzymes digests the victim. 
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earGene therapy: Deaf to hearing a whisper
Deaf mice have been able to hear a tiny whisper after being given a "landmark" gene therapy by US scientists.They say restoring near-normal hearing in the animals paves the way for similar treatments for people "in the near future". 
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