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21 – 27 December 201580.80



crispr-graphicCRISPR makes out the biggest breakthrough of 2015
Among other significant and widely talked about development, CRISPR technology bags the title of 'Biggest Breakthrough' of year 2015. This powerful and promising genome editing technology got top positon at Science Magazine list.
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children-poll-wild-bees-p-391935US concerns over wild bee decline
US crop production is on brink of de-stability as the number of nature's most important pollinator, i.e. wild be, is now facing serious population decline. This disappearance would not only increase the cost of production for farmers but have dire environmental effects. 
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Smiling-couple-shoppingShopping makes people happy
This recent research has shown that material shopping provide more frequent happiness over time to people. Whereas experiential purchases, like a tick to football match, provide more intense happiness on individual occasions.
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the_mind_after_midnight_where_do_you_go_when_you_go_to_sleepHow the brain gets you out of sleep
A deep and good night's sleep is vital for complete recovery of body and mind abilities. Now scientist have unravel the exact mechanism of brain working involved in deep sleep and waking someone up. 
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mars-water-05-150928There is No water on mars
A much talked about hype regarding discovery of water on Mars is laid to rest this week when researchers showed that 'water trail' like gullies were of dry ice (made of carbon dioxide) originally.
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