Seven Days in Life

19 – 25 June 2017Advancements in Life Sciences' Seven Days in Life (19 - 25 June 2017)


A surprisingly simple explanation for the shape of bird eggs
Now, for the first time, scientists have a convincing explanation for this stunning shape diversity in birds' eggs: The shape of a bird’s egg depends on how much its species flies.  
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scihubUS court grants Elsevier millions in damages from Sci-Hub
A New York district court awarded Elsevier US$15 million in damages for copyright infringement by Sci-Hub, the Library of Genesis (LibGen) project and related sites. 
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virusTropical viruses: Coming soon to Europe?
If climate change continues unchecked, the viruses like mosquito-borne viral disease Chikungunya could even spread to southern Europe and the United States. 
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mobileThe mere presence of your smartphone reduces brain power, study shows
Your cognitive capacity is significantly reduced when your smartphone is within reach — even if it's off. That's the finding from a new study from the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin. 
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memorySelective memories can be erased, leaving others intact
Different types of memories stored in the same neuron of the marine snail Aplysia can be selectively erased, according to a new study. 
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