Seven Days in Life

02 – 08 April 2018Advancements in Life Sciences' Seven Days in Life (02 - 08 April 2018)


brain scienceBeijing launches pioneering brain-science centre
Beijing has announced plans to build a brain-science centre that will rival in size some of the world’s largest neuroscience organizations. Find source

biorobotsBio bots: robots that mimic animal physiology
A new generation of machines is being created, often with complex purposes in mind. NASA announced that it is developing robotic bees to gather information about areas of Mars. Find source

austrailia brainBrain-stimulation trials get personal to lift depression
Researchers will target neurons in real time to improve existing electrical-stimulation therapies for mental-health conditions. 
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animal dataStudy questions animal data underlying many clinical trials
Study finds “alarming” lack of solid animal evidence before therapy is tested in people. Find source



Chimpanzee-Craig-Stanford-web-824x549Gorillas are being killed. Check how?
Cell phones killing gorillas & other threats you didn’t know were endangering great apes. USC researchers & primate expert Craig Stanford are working to understand how to better protect these animals, who could be gone in just 100 years. Find source

plantProtecting against pathogens with 'spray' of double-stranded RNA 
A new approach to plant protection is being developed which involves vaccinating plants against pathogens with double-stranded RNA molecules that can be sprayed directly on the leaves. Find source


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