Seven Days in Life

30 July – 05 August 2018


japanFirst-of-its-kind clinical trial will use reprogrammed adult stem cells to treat Parkinson’s
Researchers in Japan launched a clinical trial to treat Parkinson’s disease with neurological material derived from induced pluripotent stem cells. Find source

yeastEntire yeast genome squeezed into one lone chromosome
In a dramatic restructuring, two teams have created versions of baker’s yeast with vastly reduced chromosome counts. Find source



hearStudy challenges evolution of FOXP2 as human-specific language gene
FOXP2, a gene implicated in affecting speech and language, is held up as a textbook example of positive selection on a human-specific trait untill a recent study challenged it. Find source



bactMutation 'hotspots' in DNA: Research could lead to new insights on cancer risks
New research from Indiana University has identified "hotspots" in DNA where the risk for genetic mutations is significantly elevated. Find source

damageLow levels of air pollution linked to changes in the heart
Regular exposure to even low levels of air pollution may cause changes to the heart similar to those in the early stages of heart failure, experts say. Find source


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