Seven Days in Life

26 November – 02 December 2018


china'Gene-edited babies': China halts work of He Jiankui
China has halted the work of the scientist who claims to have created the world's first genetically edited babies, and says it will investigate. Find source

ebolaEbola outbreak in DR Congo now second worst in history
The UN's global health body says the Ebola outbreak in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo is now the second-biggest ever recorded. Find source


crisprChinese scientists are creating CRISPR babies
A daring effort is under way to create the first children whose DNA has been tailored using gene editing. Find source



brainEffective new target for mood-boosting brain stimulation found
Researchers have found an effective target in the brain for electrical stimulation to improve mood in people suffering from depression. Find source

screenWhy screen time can disrupt sleep
Researchers have pinpointed how certain cells in the eye process ambient light and reset our internal clocks, the daily cycles of physiological processes known as the circadian rhythm.  Find source

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