Seven Days in Life

18 – 24 February 2019


stem‘Reprogrammed’ stem cells to treat spinal-cord injuries for the first time
Approval from Japanese regulators means that trials of induced pluripotent stem cells can begin later this year. Find source


gmGene-edited animal creators look beyond US market
Tired of regulatory confusion and a lack of funding, some US researchers are taking their gene-edited livestock abroad. Find source



4 ltrsFour new DNA letters double life’s alphabet
Synthetic DNA seems to behave like the natural variety, suggesting that chemicals beyond nature’s four familiar bases could support life on Earth. Find source

tatianainsideUsing E. coli to create bioproducts, like biodiesel, in a cost-effective manner
Mechanical engineers are working on genetically engineering and optimizing E. coli bacteria to produce bioproducts, like biodiesel, in a cost-effective manner. Find source

memNew molecules reverse memory loss linked to depression, aging
New therapeutic molecules show promise in reversing the memory loss linked to depression and aging.  Find source


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