Seven Days in Life

04 – 10 March 2019



sweegeSewage reveals levels of antimicrobial resistance worldwide
Sewage can reveal the occurrence of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria among healthy populations, an international study shows. Find source

AIBN Oncomix 070318 image2Gene identified that increases risk of antibiotic reaction
Researchers have identified a gene that increases the risk for a severe and potentially life-threatening reaction to vancomycin. Find source

middayA nap a day keeps high blood pressure at bay
New research has found that people who took a midday snooze were more likely to have a noticeable drop in blood pressure compared with those who didn't nap. Find source

arNew gene hunt reveals potential breast cancer treatment target
Researchers have developed a way to discover elusive cancer-promoting genes, already identifying one that appears to promote aggressive breast cancers. Find source

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