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05 August - 05 September 2019   Vegans and vegetarians may have higher stroke risk People who eat vegan and vegetarian diets have a lower risk of heart disease and a higher risk of stroke, a major study suggests. Find source Babies develop 'werewolf syndrome’ after medicine mix-up in Spain At least 17 children developed so-called “werewolf …

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Advancements in Life Sciences, volume 6, issue 4 Published online: 25 August 2019 ISSN 2310-5380  IN THIS ISSUE     Full Length Research Articles Therapeutic potential of stem cells derived factor-1 alpha (SDF-1α) for skin burn injuries Nadia Wajid, Azib Ali, Fatima Ali, Noreen Latief, Aamer Qazi, pages 139-146                  …

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