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12 – 18 October 2015This week



Biology experiment on well plateUnverified cell lines are major cause of irreproducible research
A survey published in Bio Techniques has claimed that 52% of the biomedical researchers don't confirm what exact cell lines they are using in their experiment due to money and other constraints. This fact makes more than half of the research go in waste.
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prosthetic-handImagine to feel with prosthetic hand
Yes! You read it right. A new development is coming up from the field of aiding prosthetics. Researchers report that one day in near future, these plastic arms and legs may have a sense of touch closely resembling the real feeling of touch
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winiweziUnreviewed preprints 
Preprints presented in a conference on genetics of homosexuality has come under intense scrutiny when a scientist discussed his allegedly 'miss-analyzed' work on association between epigenetic changes and being gay. 
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image_1563-Native-AmericansHuman trekking
Discovery of human Teeth from a cave in China showed that Homo sapiens reached China around 100,000 years ago. A time at which, earlier most researchers had assumed, that our species had not trekked far beyond Africa.
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lab-grown-kidneyLab develops Kidney
A ground breaking breakthrough came from the perspective stem cell mediated therapeutic approaches. Scientists have developed highly efficient method for making kidney structures from patient derived stem cells.
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