Seven Days in Life

21 - 27 January 2019


stemJapan’s approval of stem-cell treatment for spinal-cord injury concerns scientists
Japan has approved a stem-cell treatment for spinal-cord injuries. The event marks the first such therapy for this kind of injury to receive government approval for sale to patients.  Find source


crisCRISPR-baby scientist fired by university
Investigation by Chinese authorities finds He Jiankui broke national regulations in his controversial work on gene-edited babies. Find source



friedFried food linked to heightened risk of early death
Regularly eating fried food is linked with a heightened risk of death from any cause and heart-related death, among postmenopausal women, finds a US study.  Find source

skinnySkinny genes the 'secret to staying slim'
Scientists say they have discovered the secret behind why some people are skinny while others pile on the pounds easily. Find source

rockingRocking like a baby promotes better sleep in adults
We know babies benefit from being rocked to sleep – now a study suggests it helps adults sleep better too. Find source

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