Seven Days in Life

01 – 07 July 2019


rewire'Rewiring nerves' reverses hand and arm paralysis
Nerves inside paralysed people's bodies have been "rewired" to give movement to their arms and hands, say Australian surgeons. Find source



chromosomeSuper-resolution microscopy illuminates associations between chromosomes
Thanks to super-resolution microscopy, scientists have now been able to unambiguously identify physical associations between human chromosomes.  Find source

musicTranslating proteins into music, and back
In a surprising marriage of science and art, researchers have converted the molecular structures of proteins into audible sound that resembles music.  Find source

mouseA short bout of exercise enhances brain function
Neuroscientists have discovered that a short burst of exercise directly boosts the function of a gene that increases brain learning activity.  Find source

hivHIV eliminated from the genomes of living animals
Researchers have for the first time eliminated replication-competent HIV-1 DNA — the virus responsible for AIDS — from the genomes of living animals.  Find source


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