Seven Days in Life

14 – 20 August 2017 Advancements in Life Sciences' Seven Days in Life (14 - 20 August 2017)


diabetes‘Every 4th’ Pakistani suffering from diabetes
According to the survey, 35 million to 37.5 million people above 20 are suffering from this disease in the country, according to National Survey 2016-17 on diabetes.
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brainChina launches brain-imaging factory
Hub aims to make industrial-scale high-resolution brain mapping a standard tool for neuroscience. 
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infertilityNew technique overcomes genetic cause of infertility
Scientists have created healthy offspring from genetically infertile male mice, offering a potential new approach to tackling a common genetic cause of human infertility.
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babiesChina’s embrace of embryo selection for better babies
Fertility centres are making a massive push to increase preimplantation genetic diagnosis in a bid to eradicate certain diseases. 
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organOrgan crosstalk: Fatty liver can cause damage to other organs
Scientists have discovered that a fatty liver can cause damage to other organs. They demonstrate the effects of fatty liver disease on the function of the hormone-producing islet cells in the pancreas and on renal function.
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