Seven Days in Life

04 – 10 January 2016This week



Precision-MedicineChina to embraces precision medicine on a massive scale
China hopes to bring to the nascent field of precision medicine, which uses genomic, physiological and other data to tailor treatments to individuals.
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leafTeaching old  bacteria new tricks to perform artificial photosynthesis.
Scientist have converted natural non photosynthetic bacteria into photosynthetic by using semiconductor particles.
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05-intestinal-bacteria-670Dreadful! Our body have more bacteria than human cells
A study shows that average guy would be composed of about 40 trillion bacteria and 30 trillion human cells. 
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Ground_glass_hepatocytes_high_mag_2Sensational! Skin cells can be used to treat injured hearts 
Skin cells can be grafted to replace cardiac dead cells after heart attack or other trauma.
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355221_1“Shock Absorber” for Knees Have Been Developed
Just like vehicles a new shock absorber knee system is available for patients who suffers from pain in knee. 
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