Seven Days in Life

28  December 2015 – 03 January 2016



swine-flu-tecakeSwine flu hits Pakistan
The confirmation of swine flu (H1N1A) virus in Multan (northren city of the Punjab province) has panicked the citizens as a lab test report has confirmed that a 28 year old woman is suffering from this deadly flu. 
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20-scientistsseFirst ancient Irish human genomes got sequenced
Scientists have sequenced first ancient Irish human genomes, demonstrating that the genomes show unequivocal evidence for mass migrations into Ireland. This development could provide significant breakthroughs on human migration in Europe. 
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151229070713_1_540x360First 'humanoid' rebort
Yes! thats right. Its name is Nadine. Nadine can smiles when greeting you, looks at you in the eye when talking, and can also shake hands with you. Next time you meet her, she will remember your name and your previous conversation with her.
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An anxious manHow is being anxious in a crisis?
Its is good actualy. These findings could help explain the apparent 'sixth sense' we have for danger in social situations, with the direction of a person's gaze being a crucial cue. 
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