Seven Days in Life

11 – 17 January 2016This week



trialsFatal drug trials in France
Six men are reported hospitalized while on of them is declared brain dead during trials of a drug at Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Rennes, France. News are developing and more deaths are anticipated.
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p01-151117-aa1Scientist likely to become vice-president of Taiwan
Dr. Chen Chien-Jen, known for his marvelous work to contain SARS outbreak in 2003, influential studies on the dangers of arsenic and hepatitis is a popular choice of Taiwanese people for vice-president. 
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??????????????????????????????????Why some nations are happier than others?
Scientists from Bulgaria have found out a gene which contributes to reduce pain and increase sensory pleasure. This 'happy gene' is effected by environmental and socioeconomic factors. 
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human-cell-3D-996x497Killing Cancer
An astonishing development is seen in the field of treating cancer. Drug resistant lung cancer cells were destroyed by applying half the chemo through personalized drug delivery approach. 
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