Seven Days in Life

30 April – 06 May 2018


obesityResearchers defy biology: Mice remain slim on burger diet
In a new study, researchers have managed to completely block the development of obesity. The researchers deleted an enzyme and made it impossible for mice to increase their amount of fat tissue, despite the mice eating an extremely fatty diet. This findings will open new avenues for better treatment of obesity. Find source

happenings grey hairGenes that control the immune system may play role in hair graying
A study has found a link between genes that warn our bodies of a pathogenic infection and genes that play a role in determining hair color. Find source



amazon controversyBrazil’s lawmakers renew push to weaken environmental rules
Legislation includes proposals to open up the Amazon rainforest to agriculture. Find source



fasting stem cellFasting boosts stem cells' regenerative capacity
A drug treatment that mimics fasting can also provide the same benefit, study finds. Age-related declines in stem cell function can be reversed by a 24-hour fast, according to a new study. Biologists found fasting dramatically improves stem cells' ability to regenerate. Find source

research HIVResearch findings challenge feasibility of 'shock and kill' approach to cure HIV
Researchers have provided new insight into the cellular processes behind the 'shock and kill' approach to curing HIV, which they say challenges the effectiveness of the treatment. Find source


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