Seven Days in Life

18 April – 24 April 2016Advancements in Life Sciences' Seven Days in Life (18 - 24 Apr 2016)


17889.adapt.768.1Sequencing of two million genomes
AstraZeneca (a large drug company) has launched a massive effort to compile genome sequences and health records from two million people in next ten years. Using DNA sequence alone, one can now predict height, weight, eye color and hair color, and picture of one's face.
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cottonTop African producer bans Mosanto's GM cotton
Burkina Faso, Africa’s top cotton producer and the sole West African nation to venture into biotech farming, is dropping genetically-modified (GM) cotton on quality grounds. The GM cotton was produced by Monsanto.
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virusesMultiple birds [viruses] with one stone
A pilot study reported new strategy to fight a wide range of viruses with the combination of a compound called polyethylenimine and mannose. This method also have ability to restrict virus’s ability to develop resistance. 
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lonlinessAlone and isolated? More chances of heart diseases
Chances of heart diseases/stroke increases by 30% when somebody stays alone and isolated. Loneliness has already been linked to a compromised immune system, high blood pressure and premature death. 
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spaceMice stayed in space shows liver disease
In a discovery with implications for long-term spaceflight and future missions to Mars, researchers have found that mice flown aboard the space shuttle Atlantis returned to Earth with early signs of liver disease.
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