Seven Days in Life

17 – 23 December 2018


pakEgypt and Pakistan had highest rise in research output in 2018
Global production of scientific papers hit an all-time high this year, estimates show, with emerging economies rising fastest. Find source

top 10Ten people who mattered this year
Nature megazine has assembled and published a list of top 10 researchers and science activists who showed contributions in discovery of knowledge. Find source

spinalSpinal surgery for unborn babies
Spinal surgery for unborn babies with the birth defect spina bifida is to be made routinely available on the NHS in England, officials have announced. Find source

Max-Planck-Gesellschaft.Max Planck Society Ends Elsevier Subscription
The move is a show of support for Project DEAL and the open-access movement. This happened after unsuccessful attempts to negotiate an open-access agreement with the publisher. Find source



plantNew houseplant can clean your home's air
Researchers have genetically modified a common houseplant to remove chloroform and benzene from the air around it. Find source


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